The region column

Common regions

In model-comparison projects, it is useful to define common regions that can be computed consistently from original model results. Widely used examples are the R5, R9 and R10 regions.

Naming conventions for native model regions

In contrast to common regions used for comparison or scenario analysis across models, each model has a “native region” resolution.

Models with a coarse spatial resolution should add a model-specific identifier to the native model regions (e.g., MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM 1.1|North America) to avoid confusion when comparing results to other models with similar-but-different regions.

If a model has a country-level resolution (where disambiguation is not a concern), we recommend to not add a model identifier.

For country-level regional resolution, the nomenclature package provides a standardized list of country names based on the pycountry package (link) and the ISO 3166-1 standard.